netAdventist websites to close


Wahroonga, New South Wales

The South Pacific Division (SPD) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is making changes to its current website hosting arrangements for local churches and other entities within its region.

We believe Adventist entities can reach the wider community better through other platforms.

The Church will no longer be providing netAdventist-hosted websites and, as of June 30, 2017, all existing netAdventist websites will be closed down—but there is new option.

“While good in its day and offering exciting potential, the netAdventist platform has fallen behind over the past 10 years,” SPD web developer Dan Lewis said. “The decision was made after a series of longstanding issues were encountered over the past 12 months, including regular unscheduled down time, ongoing bugs with no timeframe for a resolution, limited mobile first themes and an uncertain future direction. We believe Adventist entities can reach the wider community better through other platforms.”

With this in mind, Adventist Media has released a new option, Simple Church (<>), which is suitable for the majority of churches that have simple requirements for their websites. Simple Church websites require no login and integrate with your church’s existing social media accounts to show events and photos from Facebook, videos from YouTube and more. Other features include access to new “Adventists believe . . .” videos and multi-language support. 

Adventist Media has also launched a new search tool (<>) that people can use to locate any Adventist entity in the South Pacific, including churches, schools, campgrounds, retirement villages, book centres, ministries and hospitals. For the first time there will be a search tool for all Adventurer and Pathfinder clubs, schools by year level and entities by language.

“At this point you’ll want to start looking for a new website hosting solution whether it be Simple Church or one of the many other alternatives,” Mr Lewis said. “To help you with this process, we’ve created a set of guides at <> that we highly recommend you read. The guides include website hosting options, details about managing your search listing and frequently asked questions. After reading through the guides we request that you fill in the ‘Tell us your migration plan’ form on the website so we can get an idea of your future plans.” 

For more details email <>.