What do your pictures say?


On the wall was a picture of Jesus feeding the 5000. The week’s Bible text was in perfect handwriting on the blackboard. The students’ drawings of Jesus’ return were displayed on the back wall. This Fijian Seventh-day Adventist School classroom gave a clear message—the students see and read the message of Jesus. I’ve seen similar classrooms in New Zealand, PNG, Samoa and Australia. Classrooms that highlight through art the Seventh-day Adventist message.

However I walk into most Seventh-day Adventist offices, institutions and churches and no such message is displayed. There is little artwork to reveal our beliefs and identity.

Jesus’ end time message is worth seeing in the buildings we own.

The General Conference building is an exception—there are pictures of Jesus and multiple Bible stories all over the walls. In the rare time I get between meetings there, I’m captivated by Jesus’ face or visual realism that brings the Bible alive.

An Adventist member from the USA donated a print of well-known artist Nathan Greene’s depiction of the second coming of Jesus to every Division office of the world Church—so they can hang “our message” in a prominent place. This idea has captured the attention of the SPD office staff. A committee was formed so the best frame and location for this artwork could be found.

I wish every institution, church and office had good Seventh-day Adventist artwork displayed. Our message is also visual. Without wanting to promote particular artists (and being misunderstood), have a look at the following websites for examples of message-filled artwork: <www.nathangreene.com> and <www.philmckay.com>. Run an art competition in your church, conference or institution. Do something—Jesus’ end time message is worth seeing in the buildings we own.