On the wheels of compassion


“Once more Jesus put His hands on the man’s eyes. Then his eyes were opened, his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly.”—Mark 8:25

The Great Ocean Road is Australia on a platter. Add a cycle in the mix and you have a good arvo. But everything is a grade better when there is a cause. It Is Written Oceania is proudly participating in 25,000 Spins as a fundraiser for our “Eyes for India” project. Book your dates from the 5th to 7th of February 2017 and support the cause.

A small gift of $A75 will provide cataract surgery to one patient and open their eyes to see the beauty of the world that God created.

Eyes for India is a humanitarian initiative run by It Is Written Oceania to help the 15 million blind people in India to regain their sight. Participating in the ride will be our very own 25,000 spins veteran, Michael Imrie. They will cycle the 300kms from Geelong along the Great Ocean Road to the regional centre of Warrnambool to promote the cause and inspire compassion.

What should you do? If you’re from Melbourne, Geelong, or any surrounding areas within Victoria, or from any part of Australia, pull out your bike. You can either participate in the ride or support one of the cyclists by donating towards the cause and sharing it with your friends and family. 

Want to make friends with someone new? We are inviting our viewers to participate and we are positive that you will begin to build relationships over the course of the event that could potentially become strong friendships. Small talk at a bike ride can be the perfect setting for a long-lasting friendship and, who knows, you just might have the opportunity to invite someone new to your church.

And all of this will be the result of one life-changing event, when you decided to support a cause—a cause that will help millions by giving sight to the blind in India through the funds raised. A small gift of $A75 will provide cataract surgery to one patient and open their eyes to see the beauty of the world that God created. 

So what are you waiting for? If you think that your glutes can withstand this cycle ride, get that bike out and sign up for the cause. If you prefer to be the perfect spectator, it’s time for you to sign up too. Spread the joy and compassion we have in Christ that will heal this world. Cycle for the cause and give the blessing of sight.

Signup or donate by visiting: www.itiswrittenoceania.tv/e4i-25000spins. Find out more here: www.itiswrittenoceania.tv/eyes-for-india.

Matthew Brown is Digital and Channel Marketing specialist for It Is Written Oceania.