One Project Sydney: Same but different


Sydney, New Soth Wales

Around 150 people from Australia and New Zealand gathered in Sydney for the One Project this past weekend (August 20-21).

We wanted to bring everything back to focus on Jesus.

Headlined by Australian and former Adventist Review editor, Dr William Johnsson, presenters focussed on what Jesus taught about Christian doctrines such as grace, the end times, the Sabbath, and the role of the church in the land.

The presentations were about 20 minutes and had a punchy TEDx feel. Attendees split into groups of about 40 people along with the presenters after some of the sessions to ask questions and have conversations with them about what had been shared. This style was different from previous One Project gatherings.

“The Sydney gathering had a slightly different feel to prior years,” said Rod Long, one of the Sydney organisers. “The Recalibrate (discussion) sessions were not conducted at small tables, but rather in larger groups facilitated by presenters. This enabled more interaction with presenters.” 

Japhet de Oliveira, one of the presenters and co-founders of the One Project, described the purpose of the gathering in his welcome. “We wanted to bring everything back to focus on Jesus. That’s why we say Jesus (fullstop) All (fullstop). We knew that if we left it at Jesus (fullstop) people would say ‘and’ or ‘with’ and they would add to it.”

Apart from his involvement in the One Project, Oliveira is also senior pastor at Boulder Adventist Church in Boulder, Colorado, US.

Pastor Japhet de Oliveira.

The worship was stripped back, led by Elia King and his acoustic guitar and featured a mix of hymns and new songs.

Attendees reported that even though the feel was slightly different this year, they came away inspired and revived, committing to put Jesus at the centre of their faith and lives.

“The same passion and unifying spirit was still there amongst attendees,” said Mr Long. “It signalled their intention to spend two days together just to focus on Jesus and His teachings. The common thread is that attendees always seem to be moved and blessed by the conversations as we all learn more about Jesus together.”

The One Project presenters will travel to Perth from Sydney for the next One Project gathering (August 27-28) before returning to the United States.