Creatives needed


Are you a video producer, photographer, animator, singer, songwriter, podcaster or artist? Are you looking for a way to use your God-given gifts to bring people to a relationship with Jesus?

If so, then I want to offer you a way to contribute. In my recent Record article, “A new vision for media” (February 26), I said we want to “democratise our media”. That’s a fancy way of saying that we want you involved. In the article I talked about deliberately targeting the young family demographic and the fact that doing so would mean some tough decisions about how we use our limited resources.  

We need your help. We need to work together as a team focused on winning souls for Jesus.

We’ve made some tough decisions already. We’ve ceased production of the Record InFocus program, suspended Archaelogical Diggings magazine and are applying significant effort in refocusing both the content and style of our Discovery courses. We are producing a new show, InFocus Recouched, featuring InFocus interviews from the past few years and we have commenced preproduction on a new show targeted specifically at families. We’ve also appointed a full-time content manager, Linden Chuang, who is responsible for curating the content for our websites. And yes, we are putting all our content on YouTube, including Beyond the Search and Masterstroke. Those are some pretty big changes but we are excited about the future possibilities. 

One of the biggest challenges is having enough new content. A TV channel needs 168 hours of content a week, newspapers need thousands of words each day, and a website needs lots of audio, video and pictures to build long-term relationships with consumers. We can create some of the content needed but we simply cannot create all of it. That’s where we need you to be part of “democratising” our media. We need your help. We need to work together as a team focused on winning souls for Jesus. 

Many of you already create content and publish it in various ways, including on the internet. But here is the challenge: it often doesn’t lead anywhere. It doesn’t allow the consumer to connect with a community or to browse across other content on the same topic. Don’t misunderstand me: what you’re doing is great but wouldn’t it be good if all our creative people had a space to exhibit their content in a way that was intentionally evangelistic?   

So if you are willing, send us your content and we’ll check it out and see if it can be included on our websites in a way that allows it to be linked with other similar content. You might be a professional or an enthusiastic amateur. You might have years of experience or you might still be in school. It doesn’t matter. If your content engages our target audience—young families—we can use it. Most importantly, you will be playing a significant role in our evangelism efforts.

Please send an email to Linden at <> with a link to your content.   

Oh yes—before you ask, there is some fine print.

The fine print 

We have legal responsibilities in relation to the content we use as part of our websites. Our responsibility is to ensure that we only publish content where we have the appropriate permissions to do so. These responsibilities exist regardless of how well meaning and mission-minded the content is. Please ensure that you only send us content for which you have the necessary permissions in place.  

Unless you specify otherwise, any content given to us may be used for any of our ministry activities. This includes on the website as well as in the TV broadcast ministry around the South Pacific Division and potentially the world.   

For the above reasons we need to be certain that you, as the producer, have the necessary permissions in place for the music, images and video clips used, people included and locations featured, where that is appropriate.

Kalvin Dever is CEO of Adventist Media.