‘More care’ the focus for San staff


Wahroonga, New South Wales

“More care” is the focus for staff at the Sydney Adventist Hospital, where they are reaffirming their aim to provide an even better experience for patients.

If we don’t differentiate with the way we care and what motivates us then we may look like any other hospital.

From admission to discharge, nurses and other staff are looking to ensure that patients experience the hospital’s mission of “Christianity in Action” and have such a positive time at the San they will tell family and friends about it.

It’s one of the hospital’s strategic initiatives to highlight how it follows Christ’s message of health and healing and in response to “significant competition”, according to CEO Philip Currie.

“These days there are many competitors around us and they continue to grow,” he said at this year’s Adventist HealthCare Limited (AHCL) Focus Days, held May 2-3 at the Fox Valley Community Centre.

“If we don’t differentiate with the way we care and what motivates us then we may look like any other hospital.”

AHCL board chairman Pastor Glenn Townend (right) is interviewed by the San’s Philip Currie and Leisa O’Connor.

The focus days were attended by about 80 senior managers from the San, Dalcross Adventist Hospital and San Day Surgery Hornsby, and were an opportunity to reaffirm AHCL’s mission, look at the corporate vision and be inspired by various guest speakers.

Mr Currie said AHCL’s corporate strategy for 2015-2020 will not change but a number of strategic initiatives will be implemented to help deliver it.

“We are not looking for growth at this point of time beyond what we already have,” he said. “We have got additional capacity beyond which we have patients at the moment. A key corporate strategy is to fill those beds.”

The focus days were also an opportunity to celebrate the San’s many achievements over the past year, including an expanded coronary care unit, new intensive care unit and a new cardiac catheter lab.