Australians make history at Andrews University


Berrien Springs, Michigan, United States

Three Australian women graduated with PhDs from Andrews University Seminary earlier this month. What made this event historic was that they all graduated on the same day (May 1).

Dr Wendy Jackson (Avondale College) and Dr Katrina Blue (originally from Melbourne) both received their doctorates in systemic theology, and Dr Edyta Jankiewicz (originally from Adelaide) received her doctorate in religious education.  

Two other factors conspired to make this a truly Australian event. Two of the seven departments in the seminary are chaired by Australians, which has never happened before. Interestingly, these are the two departments that the three women did their PhD studies under.

The department of Discipleship and Religious Education is chaired by Dr Allan Walshe, while the Theology and Christian Philosophy department is chaired by Dr Darius Jankiewicz. 

Australians proactively joining together to serve the world church (L-R): Dr Darius Jankiewicz, Dr Edyta Jankiewicz, Dr Wendy Jackson, Dr Katrina Blue and Dr Allan Walshe.