New book says “there’s more to Jesus”


Warburton, Victoria 

“I have been really excited about the renewed call to lift up Jesus within some circles of Adventism,” explains author Shawn Brace. “It’s been much needed and long overdue. As I scan the images that have been presented, I just have a huge burden that we provide depth to those images, so we see the fullest and most beautiful expression of who Jesus is.”

I have been really excited about the renewed call to lift up Jesus within some circles of Adventism. It’s been much needed and long overdue.

This is the impulse for There’s More to Jesus, a new book from Signs Publishing, launched at Easter-time camp meetings in Victoria and Western Australia.

Pastor Brace is a church pastor in Bangor, Maine (USA), as well as a speaker, blogger and regular contributor to Adventist publications. There’s More to Jesus is his third book, each of which, he says, combines his love of theology and ideas with interacting with real people. In a pastoring context, he explains, “theology is not simply theoretical. It has hands, legs and feet—and frames the questions that [each of my books] seeks to address.”

There’s More to Jesus
includes a foreword by Pastor Dwight Nelson, senior pastor at Pioneer Memorial Church at Andrews University, where Brace was a ministerial student. Pastor Nelson referenced the manuscript for this book in a sermon last year, testifying to the impact it had in his heart and thinking.

“The inherent danger in possessing ‘the truth’ is that we can miss the forest for the trees, becoming so enamoured with the parts that we totally miss the big picture—a very big picture, as this book convincingly advocates,” writes Pastor Nelson in the foreword. “The fresh theological reflections and insights embedded in this book could trigger a stirring paradigm shift in your own heart, too.”

Reflecting his passion of the topic of Jesus and its importance for the church, Pastor Brace reflects that it was his “easiest” book-writing project to date. “I put a significant amount of time and energy [into it],” he says. “But when you’re writing about the Lover of your soul and the affections of your heart that such a thought elicits, the concepts and ideas tend to easily and naturally flow.”

There’s More to Jesus also includes discussion questions for small-group discussion or personal reflection and has been launched simultaneously in North America, in the lead-up to their summer camp-meeting season.

There’s More to Jesus is available from Adventist Book Centres.