And God saw that [you are] good


When my eyes opened early this morning I was filled with excitement for the day. I sprang out of bed like a startled green tree frog and began to get ready for the busy day ahead.

When you’re with Jesus, God sees past all the imperfection that sin has caused and sees the true you—the perfect being He created.


I woke up early and lay with my eyes closed, waves of tiredness washing over me, feigning sleep like most of us do in the bitter hours of the morning, until the last possible moment that I could get up and get ready in time to be where I needed to be.

I reluctantly dragged my body out from the warm depths of my doona and into the freezing morning air. I ate a hasty breakfast and pulled myself into some suitable clothes. Checking my appearance in the mirror, I changed my outfit several times before nodding absent-mindedly and heading towards the bathroom.

When I opened the door, the light was already on and there, at the sink, stood my sister, still in her pyjamas, spitting her toothpaste into the basin and cleaning off her toothbrush. She turned to face me, wiping the remnant toothpaste off her mouth. Giving me a look over, from head to toe, she came to a simple decision about my clothing ensemble. “Maybe not those jeans.”  

With this one sentence my sister managed to destroy every shred of self-confidence I had in what I was wearing, not to mention my entire self-image. 

Satan can be like that. He plants a small seed of doubt in your mind, which grows into a huge plant. It’s all you can think about. The only way you can combat this feeling of not being good enough is to have a close connection with God and to trust in Him.

When you think about it, trusting in the Sovereign of the universe shouldn’t be that difficult. When creation was taking place and God was designing a perfect world for us, at the end of each day what was repeated? “And God saw that it was good” (Genesis 1:10,12, 18, 21, 25). And right at the very end of creation, once God had finished creating the perfect couple (Adam and Eve) to live in the perfect world, it says in Genesis 1:31: “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.”

God made everything perfect. He also made everyone perfect. That’s what needs to be understood. God doesn’t make mistakes and any imperfection that can be found is not from Him, it’s from the influence of Satan and separation from God. That means that God created you perfect and He loves you just the way you are. When you’re with Jesus, God sees past all the imperfection that sin has caused and sees the true you—the perfect being He created. 

So don’t let Satan or anyone else convince you that you’re not good enough—that includes wardrobe choices by the way. Because God, the Creator of perfect things, created you.

And He saw that you were good.

Olivia Savage is a student at Hills Adventist College, NSW. She wrote this piece during a week of work experience at Adventist Record.