NZPUC leaders re-elected


Howick, New Zealand 

A number of church presidents were re-elected to their positions during the New Zealand Pacific Union Conference’s (NZPUC) constituency meetings held in Auckland this past weekend.

Dr Brad Kemp will continue to serve as president of the NZPUC, a role he stepped into in July 2013 following the retirement of Pastor Jerry Matthews.

Dr Kemp and secretary treasurer Graeme Drinkall were both voted back into their respective positions with overwhelming support from the gathered delegates.

The Union’s mission presidents—Pastors Eliu Eliu (Cook Islands), Roger Tetuanui (French Polynesia) and Felix Wadrobert (New Caledonia)—were also re-elected.

Not all has remained the same, however, with a couple of leadership changes announced during this past weekend’s meetings.

Chiedza Ndlova was appointed chief financial officer (CFO) for both the Cook Islands and New Caledonia missions.

A new combined role of secretary treasurer was established for the Church in French Polynesia.

No individual was named to the position, and the opening has been referred back to the NZPUC Executive Committee.

The constituency meetings capped a big week for the Union, which launched HopeChannel across New Zealand on September 12.

Churches across the country hosted “launch parties” to celebrate New Zealand’s newest free-to-air television channel, which has an expected reach of 68 per cent of the population (approximately 3 million people). 

The NZPUC oversees the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s operations in New Zealand, New Caledonia, French Polynesia and Cook Islands, as well as Wallis and Futuna Islands, and Pitcairn Island.