Sabbath-keeping Kokoda tour company launched


Manari, Papua New Guinea

An Australian family has partnered with Adventists living along Papua New Guinea’s historic Kokoda Track to establish a tour company that respects Sabbath.

Many of the villages along the track are majority Adventist; their hospitality is put to the test every Sabbath when commercial tour groups pass through their village wanting food, accommodation and a cultural experience. As well as this, Adventists find it difficult to find work as guides or porters for companies that expect them to work on Sabbath.

The Elodo brothers—porters who attend the Manari church on the track—explained these dilemmas to trekkers Wayne and Craig Sneddon, from NSW’s Central Coast. Their conversations led to the establishment of Kokoda Friendship Tours, a new tour company that includes a Sabbath rest day in its trek and gives its porters the day off.

Trekkers on the Track.

Although the Sneddons don’t consider their business a religious company, they’re happy to respect local beliefs and have even helped organise the distribution of free Bibles and hymnbooks to villagers.