Rowena in running to be ‘woman of the future’


Wahroonga, New South Wales

An Adventist teacher has been named a semi-finalist for The Australian Women’s Weekly “Women of the Future” competition.

Teenage girls have all sorts of challenges—so it’s great to find a teacher who goes the extra mile.

Kempsey High School teacher Rowena Gilbert was recognised for organising an after-school program called Strong Girl Fitness. 

The program is targeted at girls from Years 7 to 12 and includes training such as running, gymnastics and calisthenics, as well as weightlifting and power lifting.

Ms Gilbert says there is also a strong focus on positive body image, building community and creating a healthy lifestyle.

“Out motto is ‘Strength, Courage, Choices’,” she says. “If you have strength then you will have the courage to make good choices.”

Rowena Gilbert.

Ms Gilbert began the program at Kempsey High School three years ago. She says the students who have participated have “gained confidence, health, increased school attendance and have gone on to achieve sporting and academic accomplishments”.

Talking about Ms Gilbert’s selection as a semi-finalist for the “Women of the Future” competition, The Australian Women’s Weekly’s website says “it’s great to find a teacher who goes the extra mile” in helping teenage girls to face “all sorts of challenges”. 

The Strong Girl Fitness team following this year’s Colour Run in Newcastle.

There are eight scholarships to be won through the competition, including two $A10,000 prizes. 

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