Youth congress reaps harvest in PNG


Southern Highlands, Papua New Guinea

The World Changers “Harvest 15” Regional Youth Congress in Mendi lived up to its name, with 357 people baptised on the final Sabbath of the program.

What the Bible says is true—you’re never too young to be a witness and a leader for Christ.

A further 1000 people responded to a call for baptism, much to the delight of church leaders and the 10,000-strong crowd who came together in the Southern Highlands from nine different provinces in Papua New Guinea (PNG) to attend the seven-day congress last month.

Congress attendees hold up their World Changers Bibles.

South Pacific Division Youth Ministries director Dr Nick Kross served as keynote speaker for the event, with Holy Spirit Ministries International director Colin Hone running seminars during the week.

Local ministries directors from the Eastern and Western Highlands missions also hosted seminars throughout the congress.

The baptism is the latest success story for the World Changers Bible initiative in PNG.

Dr Nick Kross (second from right) with other special guests.

Another story is that of Joyce Kandawok, a district youth coordinator from Enga Province.

Since attending the World Changers launch at Mt Hagen in April 2013, Ms Kandawok has initiated a number of youth groups from Adventurer-aged teams to young adults. These teams go out into the community to doorknock and conduct Bible studies. 

A group of Pathfinders even visited a local army base to offer Bible studies.

The result after 12 months of outreach has been amazing, with 214 people baptised and several new churches built in the district.

New beginnings: The baptismal candidates at the Harvest 15 youth congress.

Nine-year-old Jomaney Joseph also shared her testimony during the youth congress.

Jomaney is the leader of her Adventurers group, and with the help of her team—and the support of her parents—has been giving Bible studies to children her age.

Several families have now been baptised as a result of this group. Jomaney continues to support the new believers by praying for them with a prayer team at 4 am every Sabbath.

“It is humbling and amazing to see this young girl give her testimony to 10,000 people with the crowd applauding her,” Dr Nick Kross said. “What the Bible says is true—you’re never too young to be a witness and a leader for Christ.”