A revolution 110 years in the making


Over time, some things rust. Others remain stable, while a precious few flower and grow. This is Wahroonga Adventist School’s 110th year of existence and, remarkably, it has the highest enrollment in its illustrious history.

“Every single one of our primary school years is completely full and we have an 18-month waiting list to get in. Next year we’re adding yet another primary school classroom to cope with demand,” states school principal Michelle Streatfeild.

Our dream for the new high school is simple: we want to bring more children to Christ. In high school, children are making huge decisions—decisions that will impact their lives forever.

And there’s more good news. On May 5, Mrs Streatfeild, Dr Jean Carter, Director of Education for the Greater Sydney Conference (GSC), and Pastor Michael Worker, GSC president, jointly announced the new Wahroonga High School building plans have been approved by the New South Wales Department of Planning. The new high school will open in 2016 in modular classrooms, and the new building will be completed in time for the beginning of the 2017 school year. 

“Without any advertising, we already have 25 students for our first Year 7 class,” reports Mrs Streatfeild, “but we still have room for a second Year 7 class in 2016. We’re starting an advertising campaign shortly, but want to let our Adventist community know beforehand.” 

“Our dream for the new high school is simple: we want to bring more children to Christ. In high school, children are making huge decisions—decisions that will impact their lives forever,” continues Mrs Streatfeild. “So, everything we do, will be designed around that most important of decisions.”

“The new school is designed for academic and creative excellence,” states Mrs Streatfeild, “The top floor of the four story-building is designed for creativity—including art and music. The next floor is dedicated to humanities, food technology and textiles. The industrial kitchen on this floor flows out into the school auditorium—ensuring that functions can be catered. The next floor is totally dedicated to math and science. And the ground floor will have industrial arts spaces. We want the school to cater to the broad strengths, interests and abilities of the children. We will also be building a new primary school—as the current lower campus of our school will be converted to other development on the estate.” 

“It is so exciting!” says Dr Carter. “After 50 years of the school community having a vision, it is finally coming to reality. It will be such a powerful ministry to the community with the churches, hospital, media centre and a P-12 school working collaboratively together. It will be a tremendous environment for learning, living and growing spiritually.”

“As a Conference we are so excited that we are able to proceed with a P-12 School in Wahroonga,” states Pastor Worker. “We believe God has been leading in a powerful way to come to this point. The school will be a state of the art development that we will be proud of and will be a beacon for Adventist Education in the Upper North Shore of Sydney. There is a high degree of anticipation in the wider community for commencement of this high school and we are pleased to be able to meet this demand. I have spoken to some church members who have been looking forward to this day for almost five decades and they are just so happy to see the day arrive.”

“I’m doing school tours nearly every day—sometimes I wish there wasn’t quite so much interest,” laughs Mrs Streatfeild. “I love showing the community excellent Adventist education. But I want to be clear, if you are a Seventh-day Adventist, this is your school. We will work to ensure your child can attend.”

If you want to know more about the new high school, or have a school tour, contact the school at info@wahroonga.adventist.edu.au.