Pastors challenged to lose weight


Nadi, Fiji

Pastors from the Trans-Pacific Union Mission (TPUM) have embarked on a challenge to lose weight and improve their health. During health checks at the TPUM ministers’ meetings at Fulton College in February, it was discovered that only seven of more than 120 pastors were in the ideal weight range. The rest were obese—some very—and more than half of the participants were at risk of becoming diabetic. 

In response, pastors from the Samoas-Tokelau Mission suggested a weight loss challenge, which started on March 1 and will run until June 30. The aim is to help motivate the pastors to lose weight, reduce blood sugar, hypertension and blood pressure. 

While at Fulton, the pastors committed themselves to exercise every day and invited others to join them. They plan to reduce the amount of food they eat and eat less refined food and meat. Every few weeks they will receive health and weight loss tips.

Samoa, Fiji, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands Missions will film three ministers for a HopeChannel program, Pacific Pastors Weight Challenge. They will be filmed when they are talking to their family and church, eating, exercising and making some comments to the camera.