My ministry—Ignite


“We love making music and performing together,” says 21-year-old Natasha Bakker, of Adventist singing group Ignite. “We’ve probably been doing it for about four years now.”

Together with 20-year-old brother Nathan, 18-year-old Carolyn Bobongie and 17-year-old Alex Bobongie, Natasha performs regularly at church events, community events and various youth events.

This is definitely more than a hobby for us. This is our ministry.

“We were blessed to sing at the iThirst Pathfinder Camporee in January,” she says. “This is definitely more than a hobby for us. This is our ministry.”

In December 2014, Ignite entered a caroling competition run by Tasmanian newspaper The Advocate, and won first place with their rendition of “Carol of the Bells”. The prize was $A1000 to donate to a charity, non-profit organisation or school of their choice. 

“We chose to donate the money to ADRA,” reveals Natasha. “It’s attached to our church, the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and they do great work with their projects across the world.” 

2015 marks a time of change for the members of Ignite, who are all pursuing new endeavours this year.

“Nathan is going on a missionary trip to the Marshall Islands, I’m doing a Masters at the University of Tasmania, Carolyn will be going to Avondale and Alex is doing Year 11,” Natasha reports. “So we won’t be able to perform as regularly as we used to. But hopefully we can do some concerts during the Christmas holidays.”

Natasha hopes that Ignite’s ministry will inspire other church members and encourage them to use their gifts for God’s glory.

“Don’t be afraid to find out what your talents are, and then do something with them,” she says. “God can and will use you.”