Global mission plant growing


Makira, Solomon Islands

A Global Mission church plant in the Makira Province of Solomon Islands is off to a good start with 22 people baptised at the end of the second year. 

Located on Ughi Island—an Anglican Church dominated island—the new group sprang up when patriarch Ezekiel invited the Adventists to begin work in the village of Suena. Global Mission pioneer Pandris Muke and his family have nurtured the interests and three baptisms were conducted last year.

The most recent baptism was held on December 9 when nine new candidates were baptised by three visiting pastors: South Pacific Division Global Mission coordinator Pastor Ray Coombe, Solomon Islands Mission coordinator Pastor Irving Vagha and Makira District director Pastor Clifton Mark. 

One of the nine candidates baptised in December.

Earlier in 2014, a plot of ground was purchased for the church compound at Tarau, which currently includes the pastor’s house and a temporary worship shelter, but will eventually include a church, medical clinic, nurse’s house and community hall.

In the past two months Volunteers in Action (VIA)-sponsored layman Martin Solomon has cut more than 2000 lineal metres of timber and building of the church is scheduled to begin in April when the timber is dry. Even the Anglican catechist donated 10 logs of timber to the project. The local bishop visited the village and “unblessed” the site of an Anglican Church structure that had remained unfinished for 30 years.

Village spokesman Frank thanked the Adventist Church for coming to their village and encouraged them to think of extending their plans in the future. Later in the day his wife and daughter were among five people who responded to an appeal for those who wanted to prepare for baptism. Pastor Mark is very pleased with progress made in opening this new area and the good witnessing work of pioneer Pandris Muke. 

Timber-cutter Martin Solomon (left) shakes hands with Pastor Ray Coombe (right).

Other Global Mission projects in the Solomon Islands include a volunteer missionary couple from mainland China who are working with the Chinese community in Honiara and the completion of a new church company at Rereona on the island of Isobel. 

This year there will be an attempt to start a new Global Mission church plant on the very isolated Polynesian island of Sikaiana and there are plans for a VIA team to make a preliminary visit to the atoll of Ontong Java, both outer islands of the Malaita Province.

The words of the welcome song presented to the Ughi Island visitors in December express the Islanders’ gratitude and desire: “We thank the Lord who safely leads across the rolling sea, May the Word you bring our people be filled with hope and praise, May we all enjoy your presence here with us today.”

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