Graduates prepared for ministry


Kainantu, Papua New Guinea

Students at the Omaura School of Ministry in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea (PNG) celebrated their graduation on November 21-23. 

More than 100 students from across PNG received certificates for one year of study and 20 received certificates for two years of study. 

The graduates, mostly men, will offer themselves as ministers throughout the country. Some will find employment through the local mission; others will work as volunteers. The women—some advanced in years, others much younger—have studied the theology subjects along with the men but separated for some of the more practical subjects.

Dua Mara lives in the Omaura village. He spoke emphatically of how God gave him a vision that this property was to be used for a Bible school, not a business. He even spent time in prison because of his beliefs. He is now an old man but passionate about what this school is all about. 

Established in 1940, the school has gone through some hard times and was even closed for a few years when hostilities between the tribes caused friction and fear. It’s set in rolling green hills amidst beautiful tall trees in the mountains of PNG. A long and tedious muddy road leads to and from it. Principal, Pastor Johannes Fezamo, a PNG national, is a man of vision, enthusiasm and has an infectious personality. He is managing to build up the school after some years of decline. The gardens are extensive, the airstrip is in perfect condition, new buildings are replacing the old and the church is packed every Sabbath. The church is alive with young people and children and the future looks bright.