Camporee closes on spiritual high


Toowoomba, Queensland

Sabbath at the iThirst South Pacific Division Pathfinder Camporee was a high point, with 1430 Pathfinders asking for Bible studies and 456 requesting baptism.

When I look at you in your uniforms I don’t see kids, I see an army of young people with potential to do great work for the Lord.

The details of those who made commitments will be passed on to local youth directors and church pastors for follow-up. Sabbath afternoon saw more than 70 Pathfinders who had previously made a commitment being baptised.

The existing commitment of many Pathfinders was also highlighted by the statistics, with 1596 saying they wanted to connect or reconnect with Jesus and 2238 saying they are ready to serve.

“When I look at you in your uniforms,” said outgoing Trans-Pacific Union Mission Youth Ministries director Pastor Maveni Kaufononga, “I don’t see kids, I see an army of young people with potential to do great work for the Lord.”

A sometimes boisterous Saturday night closing ceremony featured spontaneous chanting and waving of national flags as well as the more formal thankyous, marching and the official close of the camporee.

Pathfinders enthusiastically participated in praise songs, although some of their leaders confessed the energy level was a little high for their taste. The live streaming of the event by Living Ministry Media added extra interest, with Pathfinders excitedly waving every time they saw themselves on the big screen.

The serial drama closed with a risen Christ commissioning His friends with specific ministries to care for the hurting and spread the hope of the gospel. The special effects highlight of the camporee was the Ascension of Jesus into the clouds, courtesy of a cable and harness and stage smoke.   

For his closing sermon, featured speaker and Avondale College Church pastor Eddie Hypolite, used 1 John 1:3 as his closing text: “That which have seen and heard, we proclaim also to you . . .” Zeroing in on the self-consciousness that is common among people of Pathfinder age, he urged the audience to be bold in identifying themselves as Christians and to express their faith clearly and authentically in everyday situations. “Share your life,” were Pastor Hypolite’s closing words. “Share your life. Share your life.”

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