First things first


The first Adventist Record of the new year! Believe it or not 2015 is already well underway. And this is a great time to talk about priorities.

Priorities are the things that are most important to us. Actually they are very similar to values—it’s just that priorities are often expressed in terms of actions whereas values are expressed in terms of underlying determinants of those actions. Often they are unconscious or unstated. We do not necessarily have them posted on the door of our house or even on our refrigerator. But we all have them. They make it possible for us to answer the questions about how we spend our time and our resources and who we spend them with and on!

It’s a new year—2015. A great time for putting first things first.

Now a question: How often have you intentionally stopped and thought about your priorities? Can you actually list them for today? How about for the next week or for this year? What about the next five years? And think about the various areas of your life that call for priorities: your relationships, family, health, career/schooling, finances, even your holidays. And then there is your connection with God. When it is listed among all the others, where does it really come for you on the list? We are the only ones who can actually answer that for ourselves.

It’s a new year—2015. A great time for putting first things first. Blessings to you this year.

Dr Barry Oliver is president of the South Pacific Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.