More than 4800 baptised in El Salvador


San Salvador, El Salvador

We were impressed by the spiritual hunger of the people. Glory be to God.

It’s the largest stadium in Central America and home of the El Salvador football team.

On November 29, a crowd of 52,000 people gathered in Estadio Cuscatlan, but they weren’t there to watch football. They were there to learn more about God.

“We sponsored 93 evangelistic campaigns across the nation and the stadium meetings were the climax of these campaigns,” said Australian evangelist Pastor John Carter. “We brought in 93 pastors to lead out in the meetings and they were assisted by 100 local pastors.”

52,000 people attended the final night of the campaign at Estadio Cuscatlan. [Photo courtesy: The Carter Report]

Former vice president of El Salvador, Ana Vilma de Escobar, attended the meetings along with other officials.

“These meetings are just what is needed at this time,” she told Pastor Carter.

Pastor John Carter with Ana Vilma de Escobar, former vice president of El Salvador. [Photo courtesy: The Carter Report]

More than 4800 people were baptised over the course of the three-week campaigns.

“We were impressed by the spiritual hunger of the people,” said Pastor Carter. “Glory be to God.”