HopeChannel needs helpers in Pacific


Wahroonga, New South Wales

Even though the team is essentially assembled, there’s still room for volunteers to help.

Final preparations are underway for a massive television shoot that will take place in Port Moresby during January and February 2015. 

The ambitious goal of Mega Project Hope PNG is to shoot 300 episodes of a range of new TV programs that will reach Papua New Guinea on HopeChannel. A key partner for the project is Pacific Adventist University, which is providing shooting locations, logistical support and expert presenters on a range of topics. 

A team of more than 200 local and overseas workers and volunteers has been assembled, including Kandus Thorpe, director for International Development of HopeChannel International and Adventist media professionals from Australia, Brazil, India, Mexico, Philippines, Romania, South Africa and Ukraine. 

“Programs will be produced for children and on topics such as cooking, family relationships, finances and health using preaching, nature, singing and testimonies,” said Edgard Lopez, who has been coordinating Mega Project Hope PNG from Adventist Media Network’s Wahroonga headquarters. 

“Even though the team is essentially assembled, there’s still room for volunteers to help with set building and decoration, electrical work and catering as well as multiple opportunities to fill the roles of director, editor, graphic designer, make-up artist, producer, sound/lighting engineer and videographer.”

Edgard Lopez (second from right) with HopeChannel volunteers in Papua New Guinea.

The next challenge is Project Hope Fiji, where the plan is to shoot 150 evangelistically oriented episodes that will bring local faces and voices to television screens across the country. Mr Lopez is calling for volunteers to assist in a similar month-long effort in April 2015. “We need a least 100 volunteers, both from Fiji and elsewhere, to help with all areas of television production,” he said.

For more information on Mega Project Hope PNG or Project Hope Fiji, contact Edgard Lopez: <EdgardLopez@adventistmedia.org.au>.