Sanitarium shows spirit of service in Cambodia



This was no ordinary holiday trip . . . we saw, we heard and then we helped.

Building latrines, planting community vegetable gardens and sailing 300m through the air on a flying fox don’t normally feature in the working week of Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing employees.

For the 13 recipients of this year’s Spirit of Sanitarium Awards (S0SA) this is exactly what happened in November when they travelled to Cambodia in partnership with the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA).

The 2014 Spirit of Sanitarium Awards team.

The team were treated to a crash course in sustainable development by the ADRA Cambodia staff before heading into northern Cambodia. There the team worked with the community to build latrines and wells, conduct nutrition and cooking demonstrations and participated in environmental awareness campaigns.

Ian Rowe, from Sanitarium’s Brisbane factory, said the service project was a great opportunity to see the positive impact of ADRA’s partnerships with local communities. “It was an opportunity to work alongside the local people of Cambodia, and to be able to join with ADRA in helping those in need in a practical way,” he said.

Helen Ryan, a recipient from Sanitarium New Zealand’s Head Office described this experience as an amazing opportunity. “ADRA is making a difference to these families in a very real way and they work in communities that are most in need. This was no ordinary holiday trip . . . we saw, we heard and then we helped.”

Dinner preparations, Cambodia-style.

In addition to the efforts of the Sanitarium group, Sanitarium also donated $A30,000 towards ADRA’s ongoing work in the region.

The Spirit of Sanitarium Awards (SOSA), Sanitarium’s annual employee reward program, recognises employees who bring to life Sanitarium’s values of care, courage, humility, integrity and passion.

The ADRA Connections is run by ADRA Australia to provide groups of people with the opportunity to witness and get involved with the organisations work in Australia and around the world.