PNG Governor-General pays tribute to OFFL


Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio has honoured Operation Food for Life (OFFL) for its years of service to the poor and needy by agreeing to be its patron. 

I am proud to be the patron of the inspiring work they sustain in our country.

In an interview for a HopeChannel documentary about OFFL, Sir Michael acknowledged the humanitarian organisation’s work in “[meeting] the physical and spiritual needs of the poor” by giving them “hope and dignity in Jesus”. 

“I am proud to be the patron of the inspiring work they sustain in our country,” he said. 

OFFL leaders recently met with the Governor-General at National Parliament House in Port Moresby to make the patronage official. Among those attending were OFFL co-founders Dennis Perry and David Woolley, and PNG directors Phillip and Maureen Vaki. 

“This acknowledgement is a great honour as the patronage will continue through many generations,” Mr Perry said. “I would like to pay tribute to all our volunteers and supporters who have enthusiastically embraced the ministry and service of OFFL. I also thank Jesus for His inspired example and His teachings on the importance of serving others less fortunate.”

PNG Governor-General Sir Michael Ogio (left) with OFFL leaders Dennis Perry (centre) and Phillip Vaki (right).

Among those supported by the charity are patients at Loloki Psychiatric Hospital, who have been assessed as dangerous or criminally insane. 

Mr Perry said personal risk to hospital staff is so high that patients are provided meals and medication through a small opening in the caged facility. 

OFFL volunteers visited Loloki in late September to share a message of hope and a meal of fresh fruit. Patients responded well to the program despite their medical circumstances, saying “Thank you” or “God bless you” upon receiving their meals. 

“You could tell our visit meant so much to them,” Mr Perry said. “We have touched their lives—through our words, hands and actions—and give all glory and honour to God.” 

Phillip Vaki serves a plate of fresh fruit to a patient at Loloki Psychiatric Hospital.

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