Two presidents open five-bed Highlands clinic


Minjmu Jiwaka, Papua New Guinea

A five-bed rural health clinic with two staff houses and a church has been officially opened at Minjmu Jiwaka, in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea. 

". . . this clinic becomes a service to the entire community [and] may it continue to be a witness to His love."

The new clinic.

The clinic was built by the Murwillumbah Adventist church (NSW) and has been running for a few years, but the rest of the complex has only just been completed. Representing Murwillumbah and officiating at the event were two Australian conference presidents: Pastor Brett Townend, president of the Northern Australian Conference and former pastor of Murwillumbah church, and Pastor Justin Lawman, president of the North New South Wales Conference. 

Pastor Lawman noticed the need for a clinic four years ago, when he led a team to Minjmu Jiwaka for an evangelistic series. 

Pastor Townend told the crowd who gathered for the opening, that “this clinic becomes a service to the entire community” and “may it continue to be a witness to His love”. Pastor Townend also acknowledged the members of Murwillumbah church who tirelessly sold secondhand clothes to raise funds for the project.

The clinic has a ward with five beds, and a room each for emergency, examination and labour, plus a separate toilet and shower.

Minjmu Jiwaka residents gather for the opening of the new clinic.

Terry Koim, who was the District director when the clinic was erected, commended the volunteers for a job well done and their commitment and effort, which saw the clinic built in just eight days. It will operate under Regina Abane, an experienced health extension officer, assisted by two female nurse aids. Western Highlands Mission chief financial officer Bray Yomba has pledged to add a few more staff.

A chief from the area, Yuans Kaman, encouraged his people to take care of the clinic, telling them to  “care for the service as an egg”.