My story—Howard and Sandy Garland


Every picture tells a story. This picture is the highlight of the spiritual journey of Howard and Sandy Garland. The couple were non-practising Pentecostal Christians for 26 years. Their friends Bruno and Jacqui encouraged them to get connected to Christian television. Because they procrastinated, Jacqui finally took the initiative and had a satellite dish installed for them. 

Of all the Christian channels available, it was HopeChannel and Amazing Discoveries that got their attention—and held their interest. 

We love HopeChannel because it has the truth to turn our eyes upon Jesus.

They began attending Sabbath services at the local Cooroy Seventh-day Adventist church, just north of Brisbane. 

Pastor David Reilly had regular studies with Howard and Sandy, leading to their request for rebaptism into the Seventh-day Adventist Church (pictured) on September 14, 2013. 

Now, Howard and Sandy have a new ministry, sharing this message with some 25 friends. Says Sandy: “We love HopeChannel because it has the truth to turn our eyes upon Jesus. My favourite program has to be Hope Sabbath School. Howard’s favourites are Real Family Talk with Willi and Elaine Oliver and Go Healthy for Good.” 

Pastor Reilly says: “I’m grateful to HopeChannel for building a foundation for understanding Bible truths and encouraging them to connect to their local church at Cooroy. It’s great to work together to build people up in their knowledge of God.”