Adventist churches to serve as health centres


Geneva, Switzerland

A global gathering of Adventist health experts in Geneva has cast a vision for every Adventist congregation in the world to become a health centre for its local community.

More than 1000 participants attended the 2nd Global Health & Lifestyle Conference, which focused on lifestyle diseases blamed for the deaths of 36 million people every year.

Attendees experienced the new health vision firsthand, with world church president Dr Ted Wilson urging delegates to stand up and stretch during the first day of the conference.

World church vice president Dr Delbert Baker also got in on the act, dropping to the floor during his address and promptly doing 50 push-ups.

Adventist Church president Dr Ted Wilson invites attendees of the 2nd Global Health & Lifestyle Conference to stand up and stretch. [Photo courtesy: Ansel Oliver/Adventist News Network]

Speakers from the South Pacific Division featured prominently on the second day of the conference.

Dr Gary Fraser, currently residing in New Zealand, presented the latest updates from the Adventist Health Study 2 (AHS2). Dr Fraser is Principle Investigator of the AHS2, a study that examines the health outcomes of various diets and lifestyles.

Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing (Australia) CEO Kevin Jackson discussed the food industry’s role in non-communicable diseases.

Dr Ross Grant, CEO of the Australasian Research Institute at Sydney Adventist Hospital, spoke about free radical damage and the ageing process. He noted that lifestyle modification could modulate and in some cases, even reverse the progression of non-communicable diseases.

“Their talks were very well received by the attendees,” said Pastor Kevin Price, director of Adventist Health for the South Pacific Divison.

Dr Ross Grant speaks on the second day of the conference.

The Global Health & Lifestyle Conference also provided church leaders the opportunity to launch a brand new stop-smoking program called Breathe-Free 2. To learn more about the initiative, click here.