Victorian churches unite for evangelism


Melbourne, Australia

Churches in Melbourne’s southeast and southwest have joined together to run an evangelistic campaign.

It is this contact that makes all the difference. Sharing God is personal.

Pakenham, Casey, Cranbourne and two congregations in Dandenong partnered with the Victorian Conference to organise the Life after Life series, presented by Pastor Geoff Youlden.

Approximately 240 people attended the last day of the series in Melbourne’s southeast when Aaron and Jonah Sivanganthan from Casey church were baptised. In response to Pastor Youlden’s final appeal, 38 people requested baptism.

At the last Friday evening program in the southwest, attendees were invited to attend Werribee church the next day. The church was full on Sabbath and many had to watch from an adjoining room as nine candidates were baptised. An additional 25 people expressed a desire for baptism.

“The reason for Life after Life’s success is the preparation that was done leading up to it,” said Pastor Youlden. “We didn’t do any of the usual pre-mission advertising. No TV ads, no radio campaigns and minimal letterboxing. Today’s climate is different. Instead, we focused on meeting people.”

In the months leading up to the campaign, the Victorian Conference helped fund community interest programs such as Cheri Peters’ Life In Recovery programs, It is Written Oceania’s Dinners with Gary Kent, and Gary Webster’s Ancient Mysteries seminars. Local church members also established contact with the community through Beyond: the Search DVDs.

DVDs were offered to anyone who attended the community events held. Church members shared the programs with friends and neighbours, and literature evangelists also invited their contacts to view Beyond.

“It is this contact that makes all the difference,” said Pastor Youlden. “Sharing God is personal.”