Curry from heaven


OK, I admit it, I’m a curry tragic. Next time you go into a supermarket, look at all the various vegetarian curry powders, pastes, jars and packets on the shelves and know this: your intrepid editor has tried them all. There are lots of things I don’t know, but when it comes to curry—Indian, Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Burmese—I’m your man.

So when Chris Jensen, International Program director for ADRA Australia, suggested I try a new curry paste from Cambodia I was interested, but not intrigued. After all, this was nothing new and I have my personal favourites. What would be so wonderful about Cambodian curry?

Vissot curry paste is the best, the very best, I’ve ever found, anywhere, anytime.

But, true to form, I did give it a go. And WOW! Vissot curry paste is the best, the very best, I’ve ever found, anywhere, anytime. It wasn’t long before I strolled back over to ADRA to procure myself three more packs. But they were soon consumed. So today I purchased another eight.

A curry and a cause worth getting excited about!

The packaging is a little misleading. The packets are a modest size. But that’s because the paste is solid—and very concentrated. Each pack comes with two satchels. And each satchel makes enough curry to feed a family of five. Just add a little water and boil so the paste dissolves. And then add some coconut milk or, if you’re feeling extravagant, coconut cream. Throw in some vegies and in a few minutes you have an amazing meal. Subtle, slightly sweet, aromatic, mild and delicate—I can taste it as I write. It’s not a hot curry—if you want extra kick you can add a little chilli. 

If I were a better man, I would simply buy Vissot curry for all the good things it does for Cambodia. Sadly, I’m not that pious quite yet! For the time being, I will continue buying it because it is, by a wide margin, the very best curry paste I’ve ever found. And there’s no better way to end a hard day than with a lovely, aromatic curry.