Thanks Mum


I’m going to call my Mum today
And thank her once again
For fun times I enjoyed when young
Fond memories I retain

Our home was safe and always neat
My Mum she took great pride
To have it clean and looking nice
Dad did the same outside!

But most of all Mum showed God’s love, in everything she did. Mum taught me how to love the Lord; I was a lucky kid.

My days were filled with fun and games
But work we must get done
Or pocket money was withheld
For any job we’d shun

I had two brothers to stir up
Two sisters then to blame!
At times the girls against the boys
But always friends again

We’d swing or slide or ride our bikes
Sometimes we’d climb a tree
On real hot days we had a pool—
Enjoyed a swimming spree!

We’d run around in that small pool
And make the water twirl
Then one would call out, “turn about”
We’d get sucked in the swirl!

When Mum would call us in for tea
We’d rush to be there first
Our hands were checked for signs of dirt
Before food was dispersed

But I think my favourite time of all
Was Friday afternoon
When lawns were mowed, our chores complete
And Sabbath was real soon     

The house was clean and smelling nice
From all the cooking done
Our bath was over; hair washed clean
Now Sabbath was begun

We’d welcome Sabbath with a song
And Dad would read a text
We’d quickly take our special place
For what was coming next . . .

Potato soup was standard fare
On every Friday night!
Then after tea we’d gather round
And sing with great delight!

My Mum she liked to read out loud
And we all loved to listen
She read with such expressive voice
Tears on our cheeks would glisten

The way she read, the pause she’d take
The story seemed so real
She made us feel we were right there
Emotions we could feel

She’d read until her voice was hoarse
And down the book would drop
But we would ask and coax and plead
And beg her not to stop . . .

She’d say; “My throat is sore, it really is,
I can’t read one bit more”.
So we would offer her a drink
And then we would implore:

“Please Mum, please read just one page more”,
We’d go on in that vain
And after a short catch of breath
She’d start to read again!

She taught me how to knit and sew
And how to crochet too
There was no craft or fancy stitch
My Mother could not do

But most of all Mum showed God’s love
In everything she did
Mum taught me how to love the Lord
I was a lucky kid

We were not rich in worldly things
But we were rich in love
Mum gave the things that can’t be bought—
I thank the Lord above

I love you Mum and want to say
How much you mean to me
I love the way you brought me up
Great friends we’ll always be

I’ll surely think of you today
Although I’ll not be there
I hope this poem and flowers help
To show how much I care

You are the best Mum to have had
On me you have impressed                              
The skills I need to go through life
I feel so very blessed!

Glenda McClintock writes from Beaconsfield, Queensland.