New resource for interactive kids worship


Brisbane, Queensland

Mother and musician, Kylie Stacey was frustrated with the challenge to keep her sons focussed in their children’s Sabbath school. Drawing on her experience as a music teacher who works with young children, she began to develop interactive worship music and activities that would engage both children and their parents. With her own new songs, as well as some long-time favourites, Mrs Stacey began experimenting in her “Beginners” Sabbath school and in her home, a process that led to her new children’s worship music resource, Playful Worship.

Play is a child’s best way of learning and if they are not having fun, they are probably not taking it in.

Playful Worship includes massage songs and rhymes, bouncing songs, cuddle songs, circle games, hello and goodbye songs, and Bible verses set to music,” says Mrs Stacey. “It is designed to engage children with their parents, worshipping together and worshipping actively. Play is a child’s best way of learning and if they are not having fun, they are probably not taking it in.”

Kylie Stacey launches her new music resource, Playful Worship, at the South Queensland Conference camp meeting on September 22.

Playful Worship
was launched at the South Queensland Conference camp meeting on September 22, with Mrs Stacey leading “Playful Worship” demonstration sessions as part of the “Beginners” program at the camp. But the songs, activities and resources had already been trialled in a number of Sabbath schools in northern New South Wales and at their conference camp meeting in April this year.

“This worship resource is fantastic because it strengthens the bond between the parents, their child and Jesus,” says Pastor Daron Pratt, director of Family and Children’s Ministries for the NNSW Conference. “It places the child in the midst of the important people in their lives and builds a strong scaffold upon which the child’s faith can grow. This resource is great for both Sabbath schools and family worship.”

The Playful Worship demonstrations in Brisbane were greeted with enthusiasm. “I love using Playful Worship because the focus is on the parents and their children, rather than the leader,” says Mrs Stacey. “I would love to see parents become more engaged in their Sabbath school programs, and for this to bring a sense of fun and happy memories to family worship time.

“The best use of this resource comes from not only using it as a Sabbath school curriculum but with their parents using it at home, then it isn’t about just one hour a week it can also work through the other six days of the week.”

Playful Worship includes suggested program outlines that line up with “Year A” (next year) of the Gracelink curriculum, as well as songs on CDs for use in Sabbath schools, playgroups or homes. “The programs have been designed to be simple and easy to use for leaders and parents, with or without musical background,” Mrs Stacey adds.

Playful Worship is now available from Adventist Book Centres or see <> for more information.