Australian PM visits Adventist College


Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has paid a visit to Brisbane Adventist College for the first full day of his election campaign, which kicked off this week (August 5).

The visit came as the Labor Government announced a $A450m boost for before and after hours school care, a move the Prime Minister believes will boost productivity and ease household costs for families.

A kid's development doesn't just begin at 9am and end at 3pm.

According to The Australian newspaper, school care could open as early as 7am and run as late as 7pm.

“A kid’s development doesn’t just begin at 9am and end at 3pm,” Mr Rudd said. “It’s also about ensuring our schools are the best possible environments to boost the skills and education levels of our kids. And that’s all about preparing the economy for the future and managing the big transition ahead of us.”

Mr Rudd spent his morning at BAC on the Primary campus, explaining the proposed pledge to students, joining in with classes, and reading to attentive Year 1 students.

Principal Jack Ryan says the visit was a perfect way to teach the students lessons about respect and hospitality.

“Irrespective of our personal political views or preferences, we want our children to respect our civic leaders and honour those who govern our great country,” he said. “It was an opportunity for our children to see first-hand our nation’s leader, and practice the ministry of hospitality… I am sure Mr Rudd and his entourage will not easily forget their happy visit to BAC.”

Prime Minister Rudd talks to students, with Principal Jack Ryan (left).

The Government’s pledge would fund 500 schools, providing more flexible after-school care, more places and higher quality activities and programs such as sporting activities, music lessons and homework clubs.

Schools can apply to the Better Schools: Before and After fund before the start of the 2014 school year.

At the time of publishing, no other parties had commented on these policies.