Adventists safe after Wellington earthquake


Wellington, New Zealand

Seventh-day Adventists in Wellington, New Zealand, are thanking God for their safety, after a 6.5 magnitude earthquake damaged buildings in the city centre and around the region on Sunday, July 21. Some minor injuries were reported, but no deaths.

It could have been much worse . . . We’re thanking the Lord.

According to local pastor Jake Ormsby, there are no reports of damage to Adventist churches and an inspection of the Wellington Adventist School has resulted in the all-clear being given for students to return after the mid-year break.

“It could have been much worse,” said Pastor Ormsby, who said many church members were “shocked” by the quake and put on edge by the large number of aftershocks since Sunday’s events. “There was another one just this morning,” he said, “but I didn’t hear the rumble this time.” 

Pastor Ormsby said local Adventists were initially worried that the impact might have been similar to devastating earthquakes that have hit Christchurch in recent years. According to the New Zealand Herald, the city centre has been all but deserted as buildings are being inspected for damage and people are nervous about returning, concerned about the impact of further quakes on weakened buildings.

Pastor Ormsby is pastor of the Porirua and Cook Island congregations, and will be mentioning the earthquake in his sermon this Sabbath.

“We’re thanking the Lord,” said Pastor Ormsby.