ABC pays tribute to Adventist a cappella group


Sydney, Australia

Acclaimed American a cappella group Take 6—the sextet members are mostly Seventh-day Adventists—were featured on ABC Radio National’s The Rhythm Divine show yesterday.

[Our faith] is extremely important to us. It’s who we are, and that comes through our music.

In Australia as one of the keynote artists taking part in the Queensland Music Festival, group members David Thomas, Mark Kibble and Claude McKnight spoke with host Geoff Wood about their faith and its impact on their music.

“[Our faith] is extremely important to us,” said McKnight. “It’s who we are, and that comes through our music.”

“The one thing that keeps us rooted is that we view what we do as a ministry,” said Thomas. “It’s the fact that we feel that we’ve been each individually called into this ministry that kind of keeps us rooted.”

The origins of Take 6 go back to 1980, when McKnight formed a quartet known as the Gentlemen’s Estate Club at Oakwood College (now Oakwood University)—a Seventh-day Adventist university in Huntsville, Alabama.

Since growing to six members, and recording their first album in 1988, Take 6 has won 10 Grammy awards in a number of musical genres, including jazz, soul, hip-hop and R&B. The New York Times has described them as the “gold standard” for a cappella groups today.

Take 6 has worked with some of the most iconic names in music, including Quincy Jones, Ray Charles and Whitney Houston. During yesterday’s interview, Kibble said they are also “very close” to Stevie Wonder, who encouraged the group “to share what is deeply in your heart”.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Take 6’s self-titled debut album. They are currently serving as one of the headline artists performing at the Queensland Music Festival from July 12-18.

To hear Take 6’s full interview on The Rhythm Divine show, click here.