Big offering makes big difference


Cooranbong, New South Wales

Two historic buildings at Avondale College of Higher Education have been repaired and upgraded with the help of an offering collected in Seventh-day Adventist churches in 2012.

Your generosity is now improving the Avondale experience for our music students. They thank you, and I thank you.

The biannual offering raised $A144,000, enabling Avondale’s Music and Greer Halls on the Lake Macquarie campus to get a much-needed facelift.

Vice-president (finance) Paul Hattingh said the response reflects the profile the music program gives to Avondale. He is referring to events such as the Avondale Concert Series, which includes the meditative and reflective music program, Evensong, and to last year’s Homecoming concert, Music for Royal Occasions, which filled Avondale College church. “It [the offering] has enabled us to do more than just the basics,” he said.

These basics have included: repainting exteriors and interiors; replacing broken windows, guttering and rotten timber beams; repointing mortar between bricks; and re-plastering ceilings. The funds have also enabled Avondale to: improve drainage; increase storage; install air conditioning in every classroom, office and rehearsal room; install swipe card access to each rehearsal room; and re-polish floorboards. 

“Two old buildings look good again,” said property manager Bruce Cantrill. “I like to fix things up.”

Music Hall’s facelift comes from a larger than usual offering given by Seventh-day Adventist Church members in the South Pacific. [Photo courtesy: Jaidan Humphries]

Music strand coordinator Aleta King said the restoration and enhancement is giving students a stronger sense of ownership of and pride in their space. “It says something about the value we place in them, and they respond accordingly,” she said.

It also says something about those who have supported the offering. “You chose to give more than you normally would,” said president, Professor Ray Roennfeldt. “Your generosity is now improving the Avondale experience for our music students. They thank you, and I thank you.”

All work on Music and Greer Halls, including landscaping and re-coating roofs, should be completed by the end of July.