Australia’s oldest evangelist?


Aputula (Finke), Northern Territory

Pastor Ray Stanley, 92, preached a nine-night series of meetings in the remote community of Aputula, Northern Territory, in April. 

What I present is so relevant to today’s needs. I say to God, ‘Keep me well and use me’.

The “Living Abundantly” program focused on the Bible’s prescription for a balanced lifestyle, including diet, relationships, tithing and Sabbath rest. Pastor Stanley’s brisk daily walks around the small desert community bore witness to the fact that anyone, as he said during one night’s program, can learn how to “keep well, look younger and live longer”. 

The message was received positively by the mostly Aboriginal audience. “When I made appeals, they were quick to respond and spontaneous,” he said. 

Pastor Stanley has ruled out further speaking appointments overseas or in remote locations but said he’s still keen to be involved in ministry. “What I present is so relevant to today’s needs,” he said. “I say to God, ‘Keep me well and use me’.”