AMC recommends its own closure


Silver Spring, Maryland, United States

The board of the Simi Valley, California-based Adventist Media Center (AMC), which is operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s North American Division, will recommend a proposal to the division that incudes a call for its six media ministries to relocate and a sale of the property.

We expect the media ministries to continue to maintain and provide the level of programs and services which will meet the future needs of the division.

The April 29 decision comes after two years of research, meetings and interviews with stakeholders of media ministries. Monday’s AMC board meeting was chaired by Dan Jackson, who also serves as president of the North American Division.

“This proposal will put the division on a trajectory that serves our overarching vision of how God wants to use media in these end times,” Jackson said in a news release.

Still unclear is when the proposal will be brought to the North American Division Committee or what the division’s future plans are regarding media.

The media ministries that operate at AMC are Breath of Life Ministries, Faith For Today, It Is Written, Jesus 101 Biblical Institute, La Voz de la Esperanza, and The Voice of Prophecy.

The division’s news release stated that the proposal would allow 12 to 18 months for ministries to relocate.

The release also said that levels of funding from the division would be identified for each media ministry to allow them to fulfill their mission. It also stated that the division has a “commitment to explore new possibilities for media development,” including creating studio facilities at the division headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland.

“The media ministries’ mission and messages of hope and wholeness have helped to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout North America and beyond,” Jackson said. “We appreciate the tireless efforts of the many media center employees and ministry staff members. We expect the media ministries to continue to maintain and provide the level of programs and services which will meet the future needs of the division.”

According to the AMC website, the center was established by the Adventist world church headquarters in 1972 in Newbury Park, California, as the “Seventh-day Adventist Radio, Television and Film Center”. In 1993, the center became the “Adventist Media Center. In 1995, the property was sold and the center moved to its present location. A year later, ownership of the center was transferred from the Adventist Church world headquarters to the North American Division.

AMC also provides broadcast scheduling, master control and satellite uplink services for six of the 14 channels of Hope Channel Global Network, the world church’s television network. In a separate release yesterday, Hope Channel said broadcast service and programming would not be interrupted if the AMC proposal moves forward.