Not alone at uni


There are so many uncertainties when you enrol at university. Have you chosen the right course? Will you enjoy what you have chosen to study? Will you be able to pass all of the subjects or units that you need to be able to graduate? Will you meet arrogant professors and classmates who challenge your belief in the Bible and six-day Creation? Will you meet someone whom you will ultimately fall in love with and marry? Will you be pressured into drinking alcohol at a party, or to sleep with someone before you are married? Will your Adventist faith still be intact by the time you graduate?

There is one thing that is certain, though, and that is that Jesus has promised to be with you throughout your time at university. You are never alone because He has said that He will never leave you or forsake you, and that’s true when you are attending lectures and tutorials and when you are sitting in an examination trying to remember everything that you have studied.

We can connect you with other Adventist university students . . .

In fact, Jesus has not only promised to be with you. He has a purpose for you being at university, a plan that will give your life meaning, fulfilment and purpose. It will bring incredible joy to your life and be really exciting as well! Jesus is calling you to become His ambassador on the university campus, demonstrating what His kingdom is really like to all the lecturers and students there. He wants you to be a missionary for Him within the university, in a situation that is very similar to what Daniel faced in Babylon. Are you willing to accept Jesus’ mission for you while you are studying at university?

There are literally hundreds of thousands of students and lecturers at university who do not have the hope in Jesus Christ that we share as an Adventist Church. They have very little or no idea about the prophecies in the Bible that tell of His soon return. They have not experienced His transforming power in their lives. They do not know that He loves them so much that He died on the cross for them. They have not accepted His Lordship over their lives and they have not entered His kingdom by being born of His Spirit. Jesus’ plan for your time at university probably doesn’t involve complicated strategies or superhuman efforts. Jesus has promised the gift of His Holy Spirit to guide and equip you for His mission. There are also some simple, practical steps that will enable you to be effective in accomplishing Jesus’ mission while you are at university. 

Spend time with Jesus every day, reading the Bible and talking with Him in prayer. Ask Jesus to give you wisdom as you relate to your classmates and lecturers and open up opportunities to share your faith them. Have the courage to share openly and boldly that you are a follower of Jesus and that you are really looking forward to His soon return. Read some Christian books that will provide you with solid answers to questions that they may ask you. Also, pray that God will connect you with other Adventists who you can work with to reach your friends and classmates.

The Adventist Students Association (ASA) has a vision to reach the one million students who are enrolled at Australian universities. The association is connected with a growing number of Adventist campus groups across the South Pacific. If you sense Jesus calling you to become an ambassador and a missionary for Him while you are studying at university, we would be delighted to work together with you. We can connect you with other Adventist university students who are also responding to Jesus’ call, and we can provide you with practical coaching and training on how to effectively reach out on campus by building a vibrant Adventist university student group.                     

To connect with the Adventist university student movement, contact your local youth leader. In Australia, contact ASA president Brenton Race on 0448 995 757 or email <>. Check out the website <>. Also see: <>.