My story—Nancy Miake



I’m a retired nurse. At least I thought I was retired! When I returned to my home at Port Resolution on Tanna Island, Vanuatu, to enjoy retirement, I found that the Adventist clinic there needed me. I’ve rolled up my sleeves and I’m providing health care for my community until the permanent nurse arrives. 

It feels good to be giving a little back by working at the Port Resolution Adventist Clinic.

The clinic has a delivery room, treatment room, and one room for women and one for men if they need to stay overnight. The Rosendahl family from Australia played a key role in building the clinic, and we are very grateful to them for their work. 

If this clinic wasn’t functioning, our community wouldn’t have access to health care. It takes three to four hours to hike to the next medical facility. If you’re sick or in labour, that really isn’t an option. It can be driven, but the road is very rough and most of the community don’t own a 4WD. 

I help women with family planning, prenatal and antenatal care and I do children’s vaccinations. These are the kinds of services that dramatically reduce infant and maternal mortality rates. We also treat a fairly broad range of illnesses and the occasional accident victim. Fortunately, Vanuatu has been very successful at reducing the cases of malaria.

I first came in contact with the Adventist Church as a student at an Adventist school at Port Resolution. But when my family ran out of funds it was unclear if I could continue my education. At that point the mission president stepped in and sponsored me. I then went to an Adventist high school on the island of Santos. Then the mission president sponsored me through nursing school.

I spent most of my career working in government-run facilities. It feels good to be giving a little back by working at the Port Resolution Adventist Clinic.