World Changers Bible launched at congress


Brisbane, Queensland

The launch of the World Changers Bible was a highlight of the South Pacific Division (SPD) Youth Congress in Brisbane this week. This launch was the culmination of 18 months of fundraising and development, and the presentation of the Bibles was greeted with excitement by congress participants.

More than $670,000 has been received from offerings and donations. While the fundraising focus has ended, donations continue to be received.

Dr Nick Kross, director of youth ministries for the SPD, introduced the initiative at the Move With the Power youth leadership training in August 2011, beginning a fundraising campaign built around camp-meeting mission offerings in Australia and New Zealand since that time. However, he says the project has caught the imagination of churches, church members and young people around the South Pacific.

“It has been a project we can all get behind and support,” says Dr Kross. “At the core of Adventist DNA is the primacy of the Word and the primacy of truth, and in this package we have combined a Bible with studies of the main themes of scripture and added a discipleship training kit. This powerful combination can take the gospel across our part of the world by putting these tools in the hands of young people.”

Congress participants from Papua New Guinea explore their new World Changers Bibles.

More than $670,000 has been received from offerings and donations. While the fundraising focus has ended, donations continue to be received. “It seems God is not finished with this project yet,” he says. Dr Kross says he is humbled and gratified by the response from so many young people who have sacrificed to contribute to the project. “We’ve had college students who have made donations like $1000 and have seen youth groups get together to raise funds for Bibles for their fellow young people.”

The first order of 125,000 Bibles was placed in June and received two weeks before the congress. The Bibles include 13 pages of discipleship training material and come with a set of 29 Bible-study book marks, which provide outlines for sharing the Adventist Church’s fundamental beliefs, customised to the World Changers Bible.

The first 1500 World Changers Bibles have been delivered to South Pacific young people at the World Changers youth congress.

The launch of the Bible is a key part of the strategy of the SPD youth congress. “We are not just giving out Bibles,” Dr Kross explains. “It is given with a commitment to change the world. It is part of a strategy. As great as this project has been, young people actively sharing their faith with their friends is more important to me than the Bibles.”

“These Bibles will give young people the opportunity to do what we always talk about,” adds associate youth ministries director Litiana Turner. “This is about the church giving ownership to these young people the tools to share their faith.”

Dr Kross and Mrs Turner will be travelling through the South Pacific for further launches of the World Changers Bible in different regions in coming months. They are also planning for another order of Bibles to use the remaining funds and further donations.