GraceLink strengthened to ensure faith


Wahroonga, New South Wales

After a decade of service, the GraceLink Sabbath School curriculum is being renewed and expanded to make it even more effective. 

Gracelink uses an experiential, learner-focused methodology that connects children’s hearts to Jesus.

The process has started with the Junior Powerpoint Bible studies. These well-designed studies will be available in 1st Quarter 2013. They have been updated to include:

1. Striking new graphics and illustrations that give the series a modern look and feel;

2. Easy-to-understand explanations of the fundamental beliefs in each Bible study;

3. Six new lessons that give a stronger expression of our sanctuary and millennium beliefs;

4. A beautiful timeline so that children clearly see where each story fits into the Bible;

5. Sections that have been especially written to help children with special needs;

6. Pages that support and empower parents; and

7. Ideas to facilitate faith conversations and material for family worship.

Children’s Ministries director Julie Weslake said Sabbath School plays a key role in children choosing to becomg disciples of Jesus.

“It remains one of the highest influences [79 per cent] in developing the students’ faith as surveyed in [the research study] Valuegenesis 2,” she said. 

“At the core of the Sabbath School experience is GraceLink—the Adventist Church’s worldwide Sabbath School curriculum that is designed to give our children the biblical knowledge they need to know Jesus and understand the beliefs of the Church. 

“Importantly, Gracelink uses an experiential, learner-focused methodology that connects children’s hearts to Jesus. The focus of the curriculum is to help children learn to apply Bible stories to everyday life, discuss stories, to think deeply through debriefing questions and learn ways to share their faith with others.”

Mrs Weslake said the ages of 10 through to 12 are extremely important years for making decisions and consolidating beliefs and attitudes. 

“Our children need quality discipleship training and examples both at church and home,” she said.

“GraceLink has an important role in assisting in the process of making disciples and building lifelong faith.”   

Check out the new student and teachers’ guides at <>.—RECORD staff