Adventist Church assists hurricane victims


Silver Spring, Maryland, United States

According to United States news reports, more than 100 people have died and eight million have been without power because of “Superstorm” Sandy that recently whipped through the East Coast. On Sunday, November 4, members of the North American Division Executive Committee voted the following at the 2012 Year-end Meeting: 

We could be the Jesus that some of these people will only see and experience from these acts of kindness.

  • The North American Division will appropriate $500,000 to the “Adventist Community Services (ACS) Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.”
  • The North American Division has established this Sabbath, November 10, as a Sabbath for churches to take a special offering for Hurricane Sandy victims. This offering will go above and beyond the allocation to the “Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.”
  • The funds will be distributed under the recommendation of a NAD-appointed committee.

In addition, the General Conference gave $200,000, the Atlantic Union Conference gave $30,000, the Guam Micronesia Mission gave $20,000, the Pacific Union Conference gave $10,000, and the Southern Union Conference gave $10,000 in support of Sandy relief efforts.

North American Division executive secretary Pastor G Alexander Bryant looks on as NAD president Pastor Dan Jackson announces the vote to donate $500,000 to assist victims of Hurricane Sandy in the northeastern portion of the United States. The action was taken Sunday, November 4, during NAD Year-End Meeting in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States.

“It’s important for our church to be there to help people who have been affected by widespread devastation,” said Pastor Dan Jackson, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America. “We could be the Jesus that some of these people will only see and experience from these acts of kindness,” he said.

Last week, Seventh-day Adventist world church president Ted Wilson offered a message of condolence to residents of the Northeastern United States and the Caribbean in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. 

“Please accept our sympathy and sadness for the devastation that has taken place, especially in New Jersey, the metropolitan New York area and the Caribbean,” Wilson said. “We will continue to pray for members, churches, church organisations and the wider community that has been struck by tragedy.”

If you are in North America, here is how you can help:

  1. Give at your local church this Sabbath, November 10Please make sure all donations are noted for “ACS Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund” and made payable to ACS Disaster Response.
  2. Donate online. Send in your donations through the ACS website
  3. Mail your donation. You can mail your donation directly to Adventist Community Services, Attn: ACS Disaster Response, 12501 Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904. Make checks payable to ACS Disaster Response.
  4. Prepare care kits for victims. There are 10 different types of care kits that can help people who are displaced from their homes and schools. Go here for the list and contents of each and information about where to send them.

If you are outside North America and are keen to help, visit the ACS website and make a donation.