There is a darkness


“‘I am the Light of the World. He who follows me shall not walk in darkness,
But have the Light of life.'” John 8:12

Yesterday’s devotion about the lamp and not hiding your light got me thinking. A verse that means a lot to me that has to do with light. Jesus promises the Light of life to those who follow Him, saying they will not walk in darkness.

There is a Light, that will always fight, to keep all the darkness at bay ...

At a certain time in my life, I felt like I was surrounded by darkness. It was a form of anxiety, a burden on my soul that weighed me down. Outwardly, I had it all together. I was getting good marks at school, involved in the church I grew up in, had a stable family and everything seemed great. The rational side of my brain knew how good I had it. I was blessed, there was nothing to worry about. But I had a lot of doubts. I didn’t know what to do with my life after high school. I knew I could handle my exams etc but could I handle life? Every night I began to pray, “God, help me to know what your will is for my life. Show me what I should do!” But the overwhelming sense of fear and hopelessness remained.

I had heard about people using art as a form of catharsis, using it to release their emotions or fears. You know the stereotype, how pop singers can’t keep relationships because they need to be unhappy to write well. Since we were studying poetry at school around that time, and since I liked to write I thought I’d try to describe the darkness that I felt was surrounding me. So I started to scribble out a poem. 

As I wrote, the darkness seemed to be personified through my writing, a force that had me under attack. Through my effort, the tone changed. It was like Jesus reached out and said, “It is ok. I am stronger than the light and you have nothing to worry about. I will not give you all the answers but you have nothing to be afraid of.”

I opened my Bible, knowing that what had come out in my poem was in there somewhere. And I opened to the verse above in John 8. I recognised Jesus’ love for me, and how He could light my life.

I fell to my knees and prayed by my bed, thanking God for His love and mercy. I truly understood in that moment the peace that passes understanding and I promised to trust Him. And He has led me ever since. . . but that’s another story.

I am not claiming to be a master poet but if you’d like to read it, here it is.


There is a Darkness
It reaches and gropes
And nothing can hold
It’s long fingers back.

 There is a Darkness
It overwhelms
And crushes
With the weight of a thousand hills
There is a Darkness
It creeps and hurts
And young lives cannot withstand
They run and they hide
But the darkness is inside
And nothing can hold
It’s cold fingers back
Depression and worry go hand in hand,
Doing the Dark One’s will
Along with these go
Failure and Scorn
Always he’s wishing you ill.

 But enter the Light
He’s sturdy and right
Death’s minions could not hold him back
He’ll help all through who the dark men pursue
And guide them into the Light.

 There is a Light
That heals and sustains
And helps all the children home
There is a Light
That will always fight
To keep all the darkness at bay
There is a Light that helps you to fight
He works through family and friends
The Light won’t abandon
The Light won’t scorn
The Light will never give in.

So if you’re alone
Before Darkness’s cruel throne
Remember and never forget
He holds you so dear
And will always be near.
There is a Light.