Activ8-ing young people for a brighter future


Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Australia, in partnership with Church in the Fields, has launched a new youth resilience project to help young people in Macquarie Fields (NSW) reach their full potential.

The initiative, called Activ8, was officially opened at Macarthur Adventist College (MAC) in July. Among the attendees were the Hon. MP of Werriwa, Mr Laurie Ferguson, as well as three local police officers, who acknowledged the difference the program would make in the local community.

Macquarie Fields is a place of Hope and Activ8 is part of the Hope.

Macarthur Adventist College staff and students smile for a photo with the Hon. MP of Werriwa, Mr Laurie Ferguson, and local police officers.

The launch ceremony also featured a special concert by Adventist music group EP, with a band member, as well as other local youth, sharing about what it was like to grow up in Macquarie Fields and the value that positive mentoring played in their journey.

Working with local schools, council and community organisations, the ADRA project is giving young people the support and skills they need to overcome challenging situations, set and achieve measurable goals and make positive life choices.

Adventist music group EP performs at the official opening of Activ8.

Rebecca Blanch, student engagement coordinator from a local public high school, has already seen the positive impact Activ8 is making.

“The team at Activ8 has been great. They have provided special care packs for Year 7 students as part of their hygiene workshops, and have run a number of other classes such as depression and suicide, stress management as well as grief and loss when one of the staff at our school passed away,” she said.

“This has been really important for our students. We are very thankful that we can partner with ADRA to provide support to our local youth.”

 Activ8 project manager and Macarthur Adventist College chaplain Andre Afamasaga.

Macarthur Adventist College will serve as host for Activ8 programs. Andre Afamasaga, project manager and MAC chaplain, is excited by the passion and enthusiasm MAC students, along with attendees from Church in the Fields, have already shown towards this project.

“Not only is their work going to greatly benefit young people in our community, but for our students, the pure joy and fulfilment that comes from serving and helping others is an experience they will forever remember,” he said.

Macarthur Adventist College school captain, Charisma Maua, said it best: “Macquarie Fields is a place of Hope and Activ8 is part of the Hope.”