ADRA assists Congolese refugees


Wahroonga, New South Wales

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Australia has joined with ADRA Uganda and other ADRA offices around the world to assist close to 30,000 refugees escaping ongoing civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

ADRA Uganda ... is beginning the distribution of high yield and quick maturing vegetable and cereal seeds to 7500 families.

Continued violent attacks between Congolese government forces and armed militia since presidential elections in November 2011 have uprooted thousands of families. As a result, more than 33,000 refugees have fled into neighbouring Uganda, stretching already inadequate national resources to breaking point.

“With the population of the largest refugee settlement, Rwamawanja, continuing to expand, ADRA Uganda is working to address the growing issues of food insecurity and environmental threats,” said Mark Webster, acting Director of Emergency Management for ADRA Australia. “Thousands of families are attempting to grow food and cutting down trees for firewood, which puts the long term sustainability of the settlement under threat.”

To counter these issues, ADRA Uganda, in partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, is beginning the distribution of high yield and quick maturing vegetable and cereal seeds to 7500 families. Plus, with support from ADRA Australia and the global ADRA network, ADRA Uganda will also be providing farm tools, material to protect crops and training in sustainable agriculture practices.

In early 2012, ADRA Uganda was called upon by the Ugandan government to distribute jerry cans, mosquito nets, soap and other non-food items to a refugee camp in south western Uganda that ballooned to more than three times its planned capacity of 1,000. Further, ADRA extended its provision of essential items when the Ugandan government opened the Rwamawanja refugee settlement.

To support the response in Uganda, and ADRA Australia’s ongoing Emergency Management work around the world please give to our Disaster Preparedness and Response Fund by calling 1800 24 ADRA or by donating online at

ADRA Australia has responded to numerous disasters both here in Australia and overseas, including the Christchurch earthquake, the Japanese tsunami and the Horn of Africa drought and famine crisis. While in Australia, ADRA has responded to Cyclone Yasi, the Queensland floods, the Perth fires and flooding in the Riverina region of south New South Wales and northern New South Wales.

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