Healing hands


A few days later, when Jesus again entered Capernaum, the people heard that he had come home. They gathered in such large numbers that there was no room left, not even outside the door, and he preached the word to them. Some men came, bringing to him a paralysed man, carried by four of them. Since they could not get him to Jesus because of the crowd, they made an opening in the roof above Jesus by digging through it and then lowered the mat the man was lying on. When Jesus saw their faith, he said to the paralysed man, “Son, your sins are forgiven.”

Now some teachers of the law were sitting there, thinking to themselves, “Why does this fellow talk like that? He’s blaspheming! Who can forgive sins but God alone?”

Jesus offers healing and salvation readily. He is concerned with our physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Immediately Jesus knew in his spirit that this was what they were thinking in their hearts, and he said to them, “Why are you thinking these things? Which is easier: to say to this paralysed man, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Get up, take your mat and walk’? 10 But I want you to know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins.” So he said to the man, 11 “I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home.” 12 He got up, took his mat and walked out in full view of them all. This amazed everyone and they praised God, saying, “We have never seen anything like this!”

Ever waited in a doctors waiting room or emergency department at a hospital? Once they are sure that your not dying, you’re pretty much in for a long wait. It can be very frustrating. Imagine then, the frustration of the paralytic man. He wants to see Jesus but can’t walk, can’t push his way through the crowds and is stuck at the back. Yet his friends carry him through and find a way! (We all need friends like that).

As a paralysed man in that society, he was probably seen as quite worthless, as well as responsible for his injury. Maybe he was born like that or maybe became paralytic through some fault of his own. Jesus looks past his external problems and sees his heart. The Saviour offers Him salvation and also heals Him.

So what does this mean for me?

  1. You are more than the problems you have to Jesus. He sees past your sin, your deformity, your shame, your guilt and he has compassion.
  2. Jesus can heal you physically (your needs, your health) but His first priority is to cleanse you of sin and bring you spiritual peace.
  3. If Jesus’ priority was to save people physically and spiritually, we must have the same goal.

The people exclaim, “We have never seen anything like this!” They are impressed but some may have missed the point. Jesus offers healing and salvation readily. He is concerned with our physical and spiritual wellbeing. And we don’t have to jump the queue or wait for hours to get His attention. We are at the top of the list, priority patients, if we choose to put our names down.

Ask today and start running again!

Jesus, help me to overcome the thing that is keeping me from walking straight and tall. I know you can take the burden and sin out of my life. I pray that you forgive my sin and help me to run the race. Give me friends and support and help me to know who to talk to. Thank you Lord.