New book retells “old, old story”


Warburton, Victoria

A story first told as a student’s sermon at Avondale College church 14 years ago has now become a new book for children and families from Signs Publishing Company. 

It’s a powerful story ... And books reach way further than you can ever reach yourself.

The Perfect Lamb is a story centred on the crucifixion of Jesus, drawn from the Bible’s stories of these events with added insights from The Desire of Ages and the creative retelling of Pastor David Edgren, director of Children’s Ministries for the Victorian Conference.

Pastor Edgren said the original story attracted mixed reactions when he first told it, with one church-goer offering to buy him a Bible while another family told him how moved they had been by it. 

“I saw them again about six years later and the wife told me that every Easter Friday to open the Sabbath, they would sit the family down and listen to a recording made that day of the story,” he said. “Because of that family’s enjoyment of the story, The Perfect Lamb received new life as I started telling it again and wrote it down way before I even thought to become a writer.”

Now with four books published for young readers, Pastor Edgren is excited to see this sermon-tested story in print. “It’s a powerful story,” he said. “And books reach way further than you can ever reach yourself.”

Author David Edgren picks up a copy of The Perfect Lamb from the production line.

Pastor Edgren has high hopes for The Perfect Lamb, which includes discussion questions for use in family worships, Sabbath Schools or classrooms. “I want many families to make it a tradition. We need to be telling stories to children—particularly the core Bible stories—and we need to tell them ourselves. 

“The stories only truly become alive and a part of a child’s life when they hear them from someone they love. We are wired to be disciples—and stories our parents tell us inform our lives in powerful ways.”

The Perfect Lamb is now available from Adventist Book Centres.