Why I became an Adventist—Olivia Malere


I’m a flight attendant for Air Vanuatu. I was raised a Catholic, but in 2007 I was baptised into the Adventist Church. This is how it happened.

As part of my job I flew to Brisbane every Monday—our crew would stay there overnight and fly out on Tuesday. I had a cousin, Eric Malessas, who was studying at a university in Brisbane and every Monday evening he’d stop by our hotel to meet and talk.

I know that I can only share Christ if I know Him.

He was raised a Catholic too, but he told me he’d learned some good news. It wasn’t only what he said, but I could tell there was something different about him. He shared his new faith with me and the other flight attendants. We enjoyed hearing the very interesting things he had to say and experiencing his enthusiasm. 

He raised some big questions in my mind. One night I had a dream that Eric would return and preach in Malekula–a very Catholic area. And that’s exactly what he did. At the end of his preaching, 76 people were baptised and I was one of them. 

I know that I can only share Christ if I know Him. I’m studying the Bible as I want others to experience the joy Eric has brought to me. Eric is now in Paris studying. I’m sure he’s sharing God’s love there as well.