Alert, not alarmed


As the bloody threat of terrorism brazenly bludgeoned its way into even our lives Down Under, former prime minister John Howard urged Australians to “Be alert but not alarmed”. Nowhere on earth can a population now say they are immune from this sordid and evil scourge.

In the same way, the great controversy between God and Satan is global. God is not willing that one should perish, but that all should come to repentance. To that end Jesus Christ has died for sin—for each person. The enemy of God and the enemy of humanity, Satan is determined to destroy. While his efforts are sometimes very overt, we can’t always see his ways and plans. But, be assured that he, like the terrorists, is planning deception and destruction behind the scenes. Be alert!

But, be assured that he (Satan), like the terrorists, is planning deception and destruction behind the scenes. Be alert!

Kent Kingston interviews Ken Vogel for a Freedom InFocus segment.

Satan is using forces seen and unseen to do his bidding. The undermining of Christian values and religious freedom in Australian society is real, yet often subtle in form. The guise of human rights is one example, where human rights are pitted against each other. In such circumstances, the ‘right’ that is more politically correct often will win out. In today’s society it is not politically correct to have religious beliefs, values and standards. And it is even more politically incorrect to be a Christian, as opposed to other religions. It is not ‘normal’ today to believe that there is truth for all people of all times. Thus, those who believe in the Bible and have a world view that emanates from God’s Word are increasingly sidelined.

The undermining of the biblical view of marriage and family is currently very real in Australia, both nationally as well as in the states and territories. There are strong forces seeking to undermine the right of churches to employ selectively in order to maintain the beliefs, values and ethos of the organisation. The right and ability of those who wish to maintain the sacredness of the Sabbath is continually under attack. And the list goes on.

Threats to religious freedom are being experienced in the workplace and in educational contexts in Australia. It is good when matters are able to be addressed as close to the source as possible, and this does happen. But there are times when such matters have to escalate to involve church leadership regionally and nationally. And, even then, not all situations are able to be resolved! 

Fellow church members are facing these real issues. If you are not one of them today, you may be tomorrow. And there’s a growing number of Christians who are not Seventh-day Adventists who, like us, are finding this issue of reducing religious freedom a growing cause for concern.

God calls His people to have faith in Jesus and to be obedient to His commandments. Satan works to undermine both faith and obedience. He achieves this in various ways. Yes, he is happy to have us sleep, as it were, and put our Christian commitment on hold. But he also acts as a spiritual terrorist, attempting to upset and destroy those wanting to stand up for God and His truth. Do not give Satan the luxury of success or even too much of our focus. As this earth rushes toward its end, it is our duty to take the fight up to Satan. But in doing so, ever remember that hope and strength only exist with Jesus. 

Be alert, but not alarmed. Let’s fix our eyes and the eyes of others on Jesus—Creator, Saviour and Friend.