My church—Mt Diamond Adventist High School


Our congregation is made up of 300 boarding students, 40 staff, and their families and neighbours. 

As a school church, we have designed our program to target students. We believe the best way of doing things is God’s way. Therefore, we try to emphasise opportunities and choices for the children that are grounded in God’s Word.

We believe the best way of doing things is God’s way

Our weekly worship consists of a Wednesday prayer meeting, Friday fellowship, Sabbath morning service, AYs, closing Sabbath and ambassador programs every night except Sunday. Each school class leads out in chapel worships. 

Year 12 decide the theme for the year. Last year it was “soaring high with God”. We have three special weeks of spiritual emphasis during a school year, which culminate in baptisms. Last year we had a record with 119 students and adults baptised.  

The school choir comes under the church budget. They have outings to town to do special programs and sing gospel music in an old Adventist style, with just their voices. 

Our biggest challenge at this point is that half of our students are day students. We need to cater for them as well. Apart from Bible lessons as part of their schooling, we need an emphasis to minister to them equally.

Baia Warapa, chaplain at Mt Diamond Adventist High School.

Our vision is to see all the students as boarding students, so we can provide for them spiritually. At the moment there is no capacity for all the students we have and sometimes it is dangerous for our day students to travel to school and back every day. 

I also hope for more interaction and spiritual enrichment for our staff members. It is no good to think of the children and forget about our staff.